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Olivier Cozette


Open source project olitarget:


Technical knowledge:

  • General
    • Power management
    • High performance Computing
    • Distributed algorithms
  • Programming languages:
    •  C, C++, C#, java, Delphi
    •  assembler x86/x64 user (including SSE2) system x86/x64, ARM/$v7/ARMv8.
  • Software:
    • Operating systems:
      • Windows 2003/2008
      • VMWare ESX 3.5/4.0
      • VMWare vCenter.
      • Simics.
      • Linux (Redhat/Centos/Debian).
      • Android
      • xnu/iOS/OS X
    • Development environments:
      • Visual Studio
      • Eclipse.
      • GNU: gcc, make, svn, cvs, hg, git.
  • Protocols:
    • x86/x64 standard devices (APIC, VGA, PIT).
    • ARM standard devices.
    • PCI/PCI Express
    • iSCSI/SCSI (SPC-3/SBC-3)
    • Infiniband (OFED ibverbs)
    • TCP/IP with Linux and Windows.
    •  DHCP and DNS basics.
    • SAN basics.

Current and previous Jobs:

October 2013 - now Company Apple Inc (Cupertino, CA, USA)
  Job Power Management Software Engineer
Juin 2013 - October 2013 Company Apple (Prague, Czech Republic)
  Job Power Management Software Engineer
February 2011- Juin 2013 Company ARM (ARM Ltd., 110 Fulbourn Road, Cambridge, GB-CB1 9NJ, GB)
  Job Senior Software Engineer
  Worked on:
  • Linux/Android power management on ARM SoCs
    • Improvment of DVFS algorithm
    • Scheduling on big.LITTLE
    • Collecting and analyzing energy
2010-2011 Company IBM: Developer in HPC Team (IBM Innovation Centre,  IBM Technology Campus, Damastown Industrial Estate, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15)
  Job Engineer
  Worked on


  • Embeded Network Board.
  • PowerPC/x86.
  • Kernel driver.
  • Fast network communication libraries.
2003-2010 Company Seanodes:  Developer for Exanodes “shared internal cluster” storage solution
  Job R&D Engineer at Seanodes (31770 Colomiers, France)
  Worked on
  • Linux
    • Designed and implemented Infiniband plug-in for Exanodes (OFED IB verbs).
    • Designed and implemented kernel driver (block, memory mapped).
    • Studied and ported Exanodes Linux kernel block device driver to user-mode and create a kernel redirector module.
    • Worked with memory constraints (no memory allocation even through kernel call).
    • Designed and implemented a fast asynchronous multithread communication API.
  • Windows
    • Designed and implemented Windows legacy storage/storport miniport driver.
    •  Studied and ported Exanodes from Linux to Windows (all part and create an abstraction API).
    • SCSI
    • Designed and implemented distributed iSCSI target (SPC3/SBC3) for Windows/Linux.
    • Designed and implemented a distributed persistent reservation algorithm.
  • VMWare
    • Created Exanodes VMWare virtual appliance.
    • Wrote VMWare Infrastructure client plug-in (C#)
    • Wrote vCenter server plugin (java).
Attended conferences
    • FAST 2008 (San José, CA).
    • Super computing 2006 (Tampa, FL).
    • Linux symposium 2005 (Ottawa, Canada).

My PhD Research:

Research paper ( DBLP link )

  • Christophe Cérin, Olivier Cozette, Gil Utard, Hazem Fkaier, Mohamed Jemni: Parallel out-of-core sorting and fast accesses to disks. IJHPCN 3(2/3): 188-202 (2005)
  •  Olivier Cozette, Abdou Guermouche, Gil Utard: Adaptive paging for a multifrontal solver. ICS 2004: 267-276
  •  Olivier Cozette, Cyril Randriamaro, Gil Utard: READ2: Put disks at network level. CCGRID 2003: 698-704
  •  Olivier Cozette, Cyril Randriamaro, Gil Utard: Improving Cluster IO Performance with Remote Efficient Access to Distant Device. LCN 2002: 629-638
  • Eddy Caron, Olivier Cozette, Dominique Lazure, Gil Utard: Virtual Memory Management in Data Parallel Applications. HPCN Europe 1999: 1107-1116
Online ressources:


  • PhD in computer science (University of Jules Verne, Amiens, France) on High Performances Computing:
    • Managing memory paging by user application (implemented under Linux) to improve big (out-of-core) matrix computation.
    • Reducing memory bus usage and bypass host cpu usage to access remote disk (LSI 53c8xx driver implemented in a GM Myrinet firmware).
    • Works shown at:
      • Adaptatice Paging for a Multifrontal Solver. ICS’04 (France, 2004).
      • READ2: Put disks at network level. CCGRID’03 (Tokyo, 2003).
      • Improving cluster IO performance with remote efficient access to distant devices. HSLN’02 (Tampa FL, 2002).
  • 1999 Military service.
  • 1998 Master in Computer Sciences (University of Jules Verne, France)
  • 1997 BS (maitrise) in Mathematics (University of Jules Verne, France)
    • Topology, Galois Fields, Lebesgue integrals, statistic, Fourier analysis.

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